Caseley’s has tents for all events!

Caseleys Tent and Party Rentals is equipped to assist you with your event, no matter the size! Whether it is a family function, an elaborate wedding, a corporate event or a monumental outdoor festival, we can accommodate all of your rental needs.

Tables, chairs, linens, bars, refrigerators, heaters, generators – Caseley’s can arrange your tent with everything you need.

About Caseley's Tent & Party Rentals

The Caseley’s have been in the wedding and event industry for 30 years.  In that time they have seen, and adapted, many new ideas.  They have grown their business to include tent and party rentals and other special event planning in addition to weddings. Over the years they have helped individuals and groups organize and execute some very successful events from weddings to corporate functions and concerts.

Caseley’s Tent & Party Rentals has tents to suit any occasion from a small gathering to huge public events. One word comes to mind when you see the decorated interiors the Caseley’s have completed for their events – “stylish”.

If you don’t need a tent, Caseley’s Tent & Party Rentals has everything else you might need for a successful celebration.  Audio and video gear, tables and chairs, serving equipment and decorating items are just a few things on the long list of supplies available to rent.  The list is almost endless!

You can be sure that Caseley’s Tent & Party Rentals has the creativity your event deserves.  They can create a very unique theme for your event and provide the right “atmosphere” for your guests.

Greg Caseley
Owner and Event Coordinator

Greg has 30 years of experience in the event planning & rental business.  From weddings to conventions, Greg has the expertise to help you make your event a success. Details are so important in planning an event. A checklist is critical in planning each step so the details are not overlooked.  From the tent size to the electrical needs, these details are looked at carefully. When it comes to event planning, Greg works with many reputable companies providing the services required to make the event run smoothly.

Please email Greg at or phone (902) 836-5189 for more information.

Jamie Caseley
General Manager

Jamie has 15 years experience in the event rental business. Jamie's knowledge of the rental product has assisted many on there wedding or event date. He is involved in the construction of the tents to the layout of the interior of the tent. Jamie and his crew are professional in all aspects of the rental industry. His attention to detail will make your event a success. From beach parties to weddings, Jamie will provide you with quality rental products.

Please email Jamie at or phone (902) 836-5189 for more information.

Rosalie Profit
Event & Rental Coordinator

Rosalie has more than 20 years experience in the event planning & rental business.  She will provide all the answers to your questions concerning your event plans and rental needs. From quotes to information about a particular rental product or service for your event, Rosalie will give you everything you need.

Please email Rosalie at or phone (902) 836-5189 for more information.


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