FAQ for Tent Rentals

1) What steps do I take to reserve rental product?


: When you have decided on your rentals, a 30% deposit will reserve the desired rentals for your event, thus making it unavailable to other customers for your event date. This deposit is non-refundable and nontransferable upon cancellation and will be paid by cash, debit, credit card or bank e-transfer.

 Adjustments/changes to your rentals are available up to 14 days prior to your event date.  

: Cancelled items within 14 days will be charged to the renter at rental cost.  


: Final payment is due 14 days before delivery of rented items, and will be made by cash, debit, credit card or bank e-transfer. When picking up your items in store, an additional 30% security deposit will be charged at time of pickup. This security deposit will be refunded on all items returned on time and undamaged.

 2) When will the tent be set up or rentals delivered?


: Caseley’s Tent & Party Rentals will strive to accommodate client delivery request; however, delays and changes in the schedule are sometimes unavoidable. We try to communicate any scheduling changes as they occur. All paid rentals are guaranteed for your rental date and every location/venue has their own site availability

: For tent orders, the tent, lighting for the tent, and liners for the tent will be properly set-up and secured in a designated area by the delivery personnel. It is the responsibility of the renter to communicate to Caseley’s Tent & Party Rentals of any underground wiring, pipes, sewage systems, or anything else that could interfere with the tent stakes. Ensure the installation site is properly prepared for the crew to begin work when they arrive.

 3) What size of tent would I require?

: Our experienced staff will help you determine the proper size of your tent. Your tent size can be based on various information. Number of guests, table layout, décor and number of vendors all play a part in determining your tent size. We determine our wedding packages tent size based on the amount of space required to comfortably fit the product included in the package. It is possible to increase your tent size for an additional charge.
: Once a size of tent is determined, will it fit on the property? The tent will require ratchet anchors for support that span 6’ from the tent legs. (ex. Tent size 40’x60’, Stake line 52’x72’ would be required). Stakes are driven between 1-4 feet under the ground. If any underground systems are not communicated to Caseley’s Tent & Party Rentals personnel or incorrect information is given, Caseley’s will not be responsible for any underground damage.
:Site inspections may be required if the space of the property is limited, uneven ground is expected, underground systems could cause an issue, or overhead lines could cause an issue. Some steps can be taken prior to a site inspection being required.

4) What do I need to setup/teardown?

When you rent product from Caseley’s, most of this product must be installed/setup by our trained staff. Tents, staging, and flooring are examples that require proper installation.
Timing of delivery and venue guidelines can be a factor for setup of product, this should be discussed prior to delivery. 

Setup of linens, chair covers and chair cushions would be an additional charge if completed by our staff.

 5) Will there be enough lighting in the tent?

The lighting options that are available for rent would be sufficient lighting for your evening’s reception/dance. With the rental of a chandelier, you may want to consider renting a dimmer switch for when the DJ or band plays you can set the atmosphere.

Additional lighting could be rented or installed for décor or create a different atmosphere.